Americore Health, LLC Disputes Recent Statements by Sonoma West Medical Center

Letter of Intent

Americore Health, LLC Disputes Recent Statements by Sonoma West Medical Center

Fort Lauderdale, Florida…March 14, 2017…Americore Health, LLC (“Americore”) disputes the statements in two separate articles published on March 10, 2011 in the Press Democrat that claim Americore did not fulfill its financial commitments made to Sonoma West Medical Center, Inc. (“SWMC”).  Such claims contain patently inaccurate statements and mischaracterizations of the contractual obligations recently undertaken by Americore.

During the month of February, Americore negotiated and executed a letter of intent for the purchase of Sonoma West Medical Center (the “Hospital”) with the Palm Drive Hospital District and SWMC, as well as a separate management and billing agreements with SWMC.  All three of those agreements were reviewed by each party’s counsel and approved by the SWMC board.  None of the agreements required Americore to supply capital or loan money to SWMC or the Hospital.  In fact, there were affirmative obligations in one of the agreements that specifically provided that SWMC would remain responsible for any required capital or operational costs.

When asked for a comment on these recent misrepresentations, Americore declined to respond to one of the reporters out of respect for the sensitive ongoing discussions with the District and SWMC related to various financial stabilization strategies for the Hospital and in adherence to certain confidentiality clauses and public statement prohibitions found in the various executed transaction documents.


About Americore Health

Americore is a market changing, new healthcare company with a team of proven experts and an innovative business model to drive significant new revenue and profitability to rural hospitals while preserving a community centric focus and extremely high level of care.  Americore is actively pursuing the acquisition of rural hospitals across the United States and has several acquisitions under contract.  Americore brings to the table a new business model and a network of strategic nationwide partnerships that could rationalize costs, optimize the medical staff and real estate and drive new high margin revenue streams for SWMC.

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